Dolpa airport in Juphal, gateway to hidden land of Nepal

Dolpa airport in Juphal, gateway to hidden land of Nepal

Dolpo Airport is a domestic airport located near Dunai in Dolpa district, Nepal. It is a small airport that primarily serves as the main gateway for tourists, local visiting rural area of Dolpo. Jufal airport operates limited numbers of flights to and from Nepalgunj. From the Nepalgunj travelers can get connection flights to the other cities of Nepal.

Dolpo Airport is considered an important transportation hub for the local communities, providing access to goods, medical services, and other essential services.

Juphal Airport situated at an elevation 2,499 meters / 8200 feet above sea level. Dolpa Airport, also known as Juphal Airport is only airport of Dolpa in Karnali province of Nepal.

This airport has one runway designated 16/34 measuring 663 by 30 meters. Dolpa airport Established in 1978, Airport code is ICAO “VNDP” and IATA “DOP”. Weather and climate of Juphal area changes frequently because of the high altitude. Because of the unstable weather, snowfall delay the flights recurrently.

Tara and Sita air operates charter and schedule flights to Jufal Airport (Dolpa) on regularly basis from Nepalgunj Airport. It takes about 35 minute to reach juphal from Nepalgunj with 14 seater Small aircraft.

Dolpa is a largest district of Nepal by land mass with an area of 7,889 sq km. This remote and largely inaccessible region is considered to be one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in Nepal. Despite its harsh and rugged terrain, Dolpa attracts many tourists, hikers and trekkers who come to witness the unique and captivating beauty of the region.

Despite its beauty and richness, Dolpa remains one of the poorest and least developed districts in Nepal. The region is still largely inaccessible due to the lack of proper roads, bridges and infrastructure, making it difficult for the people of Dolpa to access basic necessities such as healthcare, education, and job opportunities.

This region is well known for its vibrant and rich cultural heritage, which is evident in its customs, traditions, and festivals. The people of Dolpa are known for their hospitality. Rich Natural and cultural heritage, make dolpa a must-visit destination, explore once in a lifetime.

Video of landing and takeoff in Dolpo airport in Juphal

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