Chharka Bhot Dolpo an exotic paradise of remote Nepal

Chharka Bhot Dolpo an exotic paradise of remote Nepal

Chharka Bhot village is a small hamlet located in the Dolpa district of Nepal. Chharka Bhot of dolpo situated at an elevation 4302 meters / 14114 feet above sea level. Geographically, it is similar to Tibetan Plateau, dry, cold and sparsely vegetated. It is situated in the midst of scenic Himalayan range and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Despite its remote location, Chharka Bhot is known for its unique culture and rich tradition.

The village is home to the indigenous Dolpo-pa community, who are known for their rich culture and traditions. They are skilled in handicrafts and weaving and are famous for their traditional ‘Bhot’, which is a type of cloth that is woven from sheep and yak wool. The villagers are also famous for their traditional dances and music that are performed during various festivals and ceremonies.

Chharka Bhot is a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts who want to escape from the bustling city life. The village offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in different activities like hiking, camping, and exploration. At the Chharka Bhot visitors can interact with the local people and learn about their lifestyle and culture.

Chharka Bhot village is surrounded by alpine meadows, making it an ideal spot for camping. The villagers are also known for their warm hospitality, and they welcome tourists with open arms. They offer homestay services to tourists, allowing them to experience the traditional way of life in village.

People of Chharkha bhot

Chharka Bhot is one of the few regions in the country that remains largely untouched by modernization and urbanization. The people of Chharka Bhot Dolpo are predominantly Tibetan Buddhists, and the area is rich in Tibetan cultural and religious heritage. The local population is known for their hardworking and friendly nature, and the region is known for its traditional architecture, stunning landscapes, and unique religious practices.

Inhabitants this village known as Dolpo-pa, earn their living from age old agropastoral lifestyle, cultivating highland barley crops and raising animals like yaks, goats and sheep. They further depend on trade with lower regions and neighboring Tibet for additional subsistence. The population lives as semi-nomads and cultivates the fields around this village mystic lands of Dolpo.

Chharka Dolpo is famous for trekking and mountaineering tourism for its unique and pristine mountainous landscape, living Tibetan culture and the ancient lifestyle. Summer season is considered as the ideal time to discover this area. Chharka Bhot is a hidden gem in the Dolpa district of Nepal. The village offers a unique experience to visitors, who can escape from the chaos of the city and immerse themselves in the serene and peaceful atmosphere. With its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and traditional lifestyle, Chharka Bhot is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Must visit one of the highest settlements on earth once in a life time.

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